Monday, September 24, 2012

Where have you been?

I can still remember my grandmother asking me that very question almost every time I walked in her door.  It was her lovely way of making me and my sister feel guilty about not coming over enough.

Over the last couple weeks, I have asked myself that very question many times--not audibly mind you. It has been a CRAZY month and I have felt guilty over not blogging.  However, I have been taking care of the hottest fires in my life and to be honest feeding my children and washing their clothes has been a hotter fire than blogging.  I have sooo many blog ideas to share, so when I have time it will roll out like butta!  I am talking a pantry redo, a new command center, braces, birthday parties...oh the list will go on.  Until then, check out a few pics from the last month!

Brayden at Lake Gaston! 

I grew lots of tomatoes in my new garden...this was my biggest one!

We did crafts.

We took these boys to Go Ape in Williamsburg....AMAZING!

A few Busch Gardens trips.

Brayden's team celebrating after his first out of the park home run! YES