Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lane Life-The Game of Life

Carlyn Menser and I had the privilege of putting together a wedding shower for Thomas Lane and Helen Crane.    What an absolutely adorable couple!  We wanted the shower to be lots of fun, so we came up with the idea of theming it out with the Game of Life.  It sort of turned into the LANE LIFE shower.  Check it out: 

These letters were hung in my big window.

I got the idea from a friend of mine to use Starbucks Frappuccino bottles (Stu didn't mind this because he got to drink the coffee!)
*I peeled off the label and got the sticky stuff off with Goo Gone.
*I printed out these labels and ran them through my sticker maker.
*I found these straws at World these! 

A big picture of the table.
(notice my green outdoor carpet placemats again!)

Carlyn found these cars at the thrift store.  I spray painted them white.
They are sitting on the same shadow boxes that I used in my baseball shower.  

Check out the back of the car.  The little oval on the back of the car is a WEC magnet.    
Can't get married without a Waters Edge Church magnet!

Carlyn found the Game of Life at a thrift store---she's a good shopper.  
We  put the game at an angel to give the table dimension.  
We also put fabric underneath the game using the same colors of the game.  

I just think that this is a cool angle!

We alternated the plates.  Blue plates had yellow napkins.  The napkin rings were cards from the actual Game of Life.  We punched a hole in the top and looped it with hair ties.

Green plates had purple napkins.  Notice the money to the side too.  It is in the details, people!

I made our food labels to look like the peg people in the Game of Life.
*Cut toilet paper rolls in half.
*Cut Cracker Jack boxes in half.
*Styrofoam balls
*I hot glued all of the pieces together.
*I painted each of these after they were hot glued.
*I made labels and ran them through my sticker maker.    
Carlyn made these yummy stuffed strawberries.  I am pretty sure we ate them all!

More peg people.

Parfait Bar

Drink Area
We also used our Irish Coffee Mugs for coffee.
We attached game pieces to the bottom of each coffee mug.  One more way to tie in the theme.

This is the second table.
*I painted the LANE letters to add color to the table.
*I covered 2 vases in scrapbooking paper.
*I stuffed it with the Game of Life money. 

I wanted to bring the theme into my family room.
*I painted these extra large paper clips white.
*I cut these letters with my lovely Cricut and glued them onto brightly colored paper.
Welp folks, there you have it!  A wedding shower with the theme The Game of Life.  I actually think it might be a first considering we couldn't find any ideas online.  It was a perfect fit this shower, though!

Congrats Thomas and Helen!  You guys will have an amazing LANE LIFE together!

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  1. Hey! I was so happy to find this blog. I've been trying to plan my sister's bridal shower as The Game of Life theme, but this is the first website where I actually found ideas for it! I was starting to lose hope and thinking I should come up with another theme, but this looks wonderful!