Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just A Pretty Table

My mom is really good a decorating pretty tables.  She loves to switch things up all the time.  I am not always as brave!  But, I wanted to show you one of the tables that I decorated for my community group one week.  Now, I should have warned them to bring their sunglasses because it was so bright and I should have warned the men because it was so girly...but I didn't!  Take a look:

See, told you it was bright and girly!  I borrowed a lot of this from my mom:  plates, vases, candles in the middle and the table runner.  My mom and I made this tablecloth a couple of years ago for a party.  It fits perfectly on my oh so favorite Pottery Barn table!  You really can't tell, but there is pink fabric that lays on the top of this table and the sides are ruffled all the way around with black silky fabric to make it fit the table EXACTLY...yeah that took some time!  I bought some really pretty silk flowers from Michaels and made the two arrangements in the black vases.  The black chargers are mine.  My mom and I have a charger addiction.  Between the two of us we have over 200...it could be in the 250 range but who is counting?  I really loved the way this table came together.

If I were to offer a couple of tips for setting a table:
1.  Think outside of the box...try some of your nicknacks around the house for centerpieces.  
2.  Chargers (the big plate under the dinner plate) can really change the look of your table.  If you are thinking about getting some, start with black, gold or silver.  
3.  Cloth napkins can add color and dimension to a table.  

Enjoy setting your table for your next get together!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

I didn't have time to post my other Teacher Appreciation ideas back in May, so I thought I would show you a few things that I did!

I found this idea online.  I bought black foam core and a white pen.
It says:  Mrs. Carpenter, you are a SWEET TART!  We are having MOUNDS of fun with you.  You help us CRUNCH numbers from ZERO to...WHATCHAMACALLIT?  You go the EXTRA mile for us & you're the reason there are more SMARTIES and less AIR HEADS in this MILKY WAY! Thank you for putting up with our SNICKERS.  Hugs and KISSES from your SOUR PATCH KIDS.

We attached all of the candies with double sided tape and it worked perfectly.

I wrapped a pizza box.  

Put cake balls in the shape of apples for the teachers.  I used green gum drops for the leaf and green Twizzlers for the stems.  

In Emma's class, we had all of the kids bring Mrs. Reid a special treat because she loves candy.  So, we gave her a basket for the kids to put their treats in and I made this sign. Get it..."You are the sweetest!" and we gave her sweet treats!

In this bag, I put some nail polish and a box of Reece Pieces.  Teachers get A LOT of food during Teacher Appreciation Week and I thought that nail polish would be a good switch.  I bought the labels from Walmart.  Avery now has labels in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes.  I shredded construction paper to match the label.  It turned out really cute.  The label says, "We love you to PIECES!  Thanks for POLISHING Brayden's 5th grade skills!  

This was for our school nurse.  This year Nurse's day fell on the same week as Teacher Appreciation Week.  So, I made a bag with Reece Pieces and Extra Gum.  I used the same Avery labels.  They have templates on their website that you can use and they are really cute.  This one says, "We love you to PIECES!  Thanks for always going the EXTRA mile."

I am so grateful for the teachers that my kids get each year.  They really work hard and they really care a lot about my kids.  I think that it is so important to show them how much I appreciate them.  Even if  it is only with small trinkets or cards.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vacation In Kansas

Whew!  I haven't blogged in a while.  Life has been crazy.  After we went to Lake Gaston, NC to have a family vacation, the kids and I went to Overland Park Kansas.  Stuart spoke at a camp in Salina and caught up with us in Overland Park on Friday.  His brother and his family live in Kansas.  They are the most gracious and kind hosts and their home is absolutely AMAZING.  So amazing that in the future I would love to give a tour of their lovely, well decorated (my sister-in-law has a gift) home!  Our kids LOVE to play together.  They are completely content staying in their house playing together, but we did go out and explore and I thought that I might share some pics!  When we tell people that we are vacationing in Kansas they look at us like we are absolutely crazy.  However, Kansas actually has a TON of things to do...trust me it is not all farm land!

Before we got on the plane.  I was a little nervous about taking the 3 kids alone, but I survived. It did make me miss Stuart because he really takes care of us in situations like these and I get to sit back and relax.    

Before we went to see fireworks on the 4th, we went to pick up Krispy Kreme.  See, our love for Krispy Kreme is deep and in the blood!

My sister in law took us into town to see a play and on the way we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants where a train drops off your food.  The kids love this place!  It is really neat too because you call in your order on that little phone.   

This is the food coming down after the train dropped it off on this platform.

This isn't a great picture, but after we went to our play, she took us to a place called Kaleidoscope.  The kids get a bag and they get to use leftover Hallmark scraps to do crafts.  It is completely free and the kids love it.   

Emma, my sweet niece and nephews in front of a giant lego.  We didn't go to Lego Land this trip, but maybe next time!
Taylor thoroughly enjoyed their dog Toto, how fitting!  

They took us to the All-Star Fan Fest for the All Star Games.  There was tons to do and the kids had a blast!  That night we all went to the All Star Futures game and the Celebrity Softball game.  We had box seats with lots of yummy food.  The field was beautiful and Kansas went all out while hosting the All Star Games.  It was amazing and one of the neatest things I have ever done!
On Tuesday, the girls did their thing and the boys did their thing.  The boys went to the All Star Home Run Derby.  Yes, I said it!  Brayden was in HEAVEN!  This is one of my favorite pics of him overlooking the beautiful Kaufman field.  
Part of their ticket was to get to watch the All Stars practice before the All Star game on Wednesday.
Brayden is a loyal Yankees fan and his pick for the Home Run Derby (Robinson Cano) didn't make it past the first round.  However, his second pick (Prince Fielder) put on quite the show!
Brayden and Stu loving every minute of this once in a lifetime opportunity!
In the end it was Fielder vs. Bautista and Prince Fielder brought it home.  The boys came home so amped!

The girls got to go to The American Girl doll store.  They had a blast.  My niece was so sweet and patient with my girls, since she has outgrown American Girl.  

Kansas was so much fun!  It reminded me just how blessed we are to have family that we love to be with.