Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

I have to be honest, I am really sad that spring break is over. I have had sooo much fun with them. My kids are at a great age...they sleep in! I have been waiting for this day for 11 years! One day Taylor (my 6 year old) slept in until 9:45. Ahhh! I love to sleep in! But we did more than sleep in and I thought that I would share about the fun things that we did!

We went to Busch Gardens with my in-laws and had a blast! See the one picture of my mother-in-law on the ride...she is terrified of rides and heights and had to wait a very long time at the top of this ride. She was a good sport. Thankfully, Taylor kept her entertained!

They have chocolate covered cones at Busch Gardens. I started craving these when I got home, so we decided to make some. The kids loved them and even helped make them! So good!

Crafts, lots of crafts!

We went to Blue Bird Gap Farm. Check out that peacock in the background! So beautiful.

I hope that you had a great Spring Break, too! Bring on summer!

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