Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

I didn't have time to post my other Teacher Appreciation ideas back in May, so I thought I would show you a few things that I did!

I found this idea online.  I bought black foam core and a white pen.
It says:  Mrs. Carpenter, you are a SWEET TART!  We are having MOUNDS of fun with you.  You help us CRUNCH numbers from ZERO to...WHATCHAMACALLIT?  You go the EXTRA mile for us & you're the reason there are more SMARTIES and less AIR HEADS in this MILKY WAY! Thank you for putting up with our SNICKERS.  Hugs and KISSES from your SOUR PATCH KIDS.

We attached all of the candies with double sided tape and it worked perfectly.

I wrapped a pizza box.  

Put cake balls in the shape of apples for the teachers.  I used green gum drops for the leaf and green Twizzlers for the stems.  

In Emma's class, we had all of the kids bring Mrs. Reid a special treat because she loves candy.  So, we gave her a basket for the kids to put their treats in and I made this sign. Get it..."You are the sweetest!" and we gave her sweet treats!

In this bag, I put some nail polish and a box of Reece Pieces.  Teachers get A LOT of food during Teacher Appreciation Week and I thought that nail polish would be a good switch.  I bought the labels from Walmart.  Avery now has labels in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes.  I shredded construction paper to match the label.  It turned out really cute.  The label says, "We love you to PIECES!  Thanks for POLISHING Brayden's 5th grade skills!  

This was for our school nurse.  This year Nurse's day fell on the same week as Teacher Appreciation Week.  So, I made a bag with Reece Pieces and Extra Gum.  I used the same Avery labels.  They have templates on their website that you can use and they are really cute.  This one says, "We love you to PIECES!  Thanks for always going the EXTRA mile."

I am so grateful for the teachers that my kids get each year.  They really work hard and they really care a lot about my kids.  I think that it is so important to show them how much I appreciate them.  Even if  it is only with small trinkets or cards.

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  1. I wish your kids were my students!! These are seriously AWESOME ideas!! :)