Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just A Pretty Table

My mom is really good a decorating pretty tables.  She loves to switch things up all the time.  I am not always as brave!  But, I wanted to show you one of the tables that I decorated for my community group one week.  Now, I should have warned them to bring their sunglasses because it was so bright and I should have warned the men because it was so girly...but I didn't!  Take a look:

See, told you it was bright and girly!  I borrowed a lot of this from my mom:  plates, vases, candles in the middle and the table runner.  My mom and I made this tablecloth a couple of years ago for a party.  It fits perfectly on my oh so favorite Pottery Barn table!  You really can't tell, but there is pink fabric that lays on the top of this table and the sides are ruffled all the way around with black silky fabric to make it fit the table EXACTLY...yeah that took some time!  I bought some really pretty silk flowers from Michaels and made the two arrangements in the black vases.  The black chargers are mine.  My mom and I have a charger addiction.  Between the two of us we have over 200...it could be in the 250 range but who is counting?  I really loved the way this table came together.

If I were to offer a couple of tips for setting a table:
1.  Think outside of the box...try some of your nicknacks around the house for centerpieces.  
2.  Chargers (the big plate under the dinner plate) can really change the look of your table.  If you are thinking about getting some, start with black, gold or silver.  
3.  Cloth napkins can add color and dimension to a table.  

Enjoy setting your table for your next get together!

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