Monday, August 6, 2012

Harpersville House--Memory Lane

I am so frustrated at myself.  I am terrible at taking pictures.  I never think to do the before/after pics of things that I have done.  I was so hoping to share with you some of the pictures from the first house that Stuart and I bought in 1999.  It was such a beautiful house with so much character.  The outside was beautiful---a lot of work, but beautiful nonetheless.

Sorry about the picture quality...hey this was before digital cameras were affordable!

It was the perfect set up.  The house was actually on a main road.  But, it backed up to a school with a parking lot.  We were serving at a church doing Student Ministry, so we had lots of students coming in and out of our door and they were all able to park behind our house.  It was so awesome to never have to worry about parking!!

As far as the inside...I don't have any pictures!  I do however have lots of memories!

We had toilet paper, lots of toilet paper.  Students love to toilet paper houses and trees!

We had lots of parties and showers in our beautiful backyard

We had students at our house all the time.  This poor girl, Jessica, lost in a game of silent football.  When you loose in silent football you have cruel and unusual punishment.  She thought that she was drinking toilet water, but we tricked her and she really wasn't!

We tried to get pregnant for 3 years before having Brayden.  I dreamed of this baby room for a long time.  We did a fire fighter theme...before it was so popular.  I had the hardest time finding things to decorate his room, but his room was totally decked out in fire fighter pole and all!

We brought Brayden, our first child, home to this house!

We had generations of family in this house.  This is my pawpaw, my dad and Brayden (The Montgomery Boys)!

We had our first pool at this house!  I was 8 months pregnant in the summer.  Stuart came home from a mission trip and I informed him that I was hot and that we would be buying an above ground pool that day.  We immediately went to the pool store and bought one.  This is by far our most spontaneous purchase we have ever made!  However, we have had a pool in our backyard ever since and we love it.  

This is our last party at our house, Brayden's 1st birthday! We were surprised when we found out we were pregnant Emma and that they would be only 18 months apart.  As soon as we found out, we decided we needed to sell our house (we had lived there 2 years) and buy a bigger/newer house with a smaller yard.  I think that it was for sale for only 1 month before it sold.  

We have lived in 7 houses since we have been married.  Stuart is a bit of a nomad.  We just moved a year ago and I fully expect him to get the itch again in the next couple of years--although he has promised me 10.  I just love that no matter where we live, we have wonderful memories of family and friends.  We have always felt like our home is a place that we want God to use and He has!  
So grateful, so blessed!


  1. Tab! I loved that house!!! Every day when I drive by it, I think about at least 1 memory from that house. <3

  2. OH and Bray's cake looks so dark in that picture. I clearly remember it being bright green. That was his Monster's Inc. party, right? His cake was the Mike cake, I thought.

  3. I love that house too! I wish I had more pics....ugh. Yes, the cake was a lighter green--it was Mike...before the days of digital!