Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hodges Olympics 2012

Is anyone else obsessed with the Olympics?  Our family is totally into the Olympics.  Of course, I love swimming because I grew up swimming, my girls love watching gymnastics because they both love gymnastics, and Brayden loves any competition--two weeks of it and he is in heaven!  So in anticipation of the opening ceremonies we celebrated our first Hodges Olympics last week!  We had a blast.  I thought that I would show you a few pictures from our adventures!

I used my coat rack for this stand.  I hung a red tablecloth over it.  The medals are on the sides.  I made the poster so that it would hold the event signs.  We changed the signs before each of the Olympic events.

I made the medals out of paper plates.  We had gold, silver and bronz-ish.  The kids were really excited about these!

Here are the signs for each event.  We decided to have all water events because it was sooooo HOT!  The events that we had were: 
   *synchronized swimming
   *hand stand
   *shot put
   *obstacle course 

We wanted the kids to get really excited about the upcoming events so we had opening ceremonies.  I made each of the kids shirts out of spray paint and I bought flags for them to wave as they came into the pool area.  We also had a torch that we lit, Olympic theme music that we downloaded and a microphone to announce everything.  The microphone was a hit!

The Parade of Hodges--get it, like the Parade of Nations?

We have some excited children!

The whole Hodges clan!  Check out the torch that we lit in the background!  Just like London, ha!

I had to issue the Hodges family with their own shirts for our own Parade of Hodges...possibly better than Ralph Lauren's design during the London Parade of Nations!  JK! 
I cut out each letter and some stars with my Cricut.  I used double sided tape to hold each letter down and then just spray painted over the letters.  The kids really like their personalized shirts.  

After each event, we announced the winners and played the National Anthem.  The kids stood on the steps and we awarded the medals.  The kids LOVED this.  It was like they were getting real medals!

All of the kids were such good sports!

We had a clipboard that had all of the "official" results.  Grampy was the judge and he did a great job ensuring that everyone had some of each medal!
During the closing ceremonies, each of the kids stood on the steps and got a trophy.  I printed out silly things for them to get awards for.  Brayden got the award for "Best one word answers!"

Even Grandma and Grampy got awards!

We ended our evening with a wonderful cookie cake from Sams Club.  I had them decorate it with Red, White and Blue and put Hodges Olympics 2012 on it!  It was such a special memory for all of us.  We are all looking forward to the Winter Olympics in Kansas now!


  1. This is SO fun and creative! The shirts are adorable!

    Our family has an "Olympics" each year - It is for our family reunion. It's something I always looks forward to. I wrote about it in my blog earlier this week if you are interested:

    Can't wait to hear all about the Hodges winter Olympics!

    p.s. My family attends WEC Hampton (I'm Cole's wife)

    1. Denise- I'm Tab's sister, Toni. We are friends with the Lineberry's and have been to many a Lineberry Olympics. We grew up with Shannan, Lindsay, Sarah and Steph! I also babysat Joel and Justin. We've always loved the family tradition that the Lineberry's have. It's such a special time!

    2. Oh wow! What a small world that we live in. For some reason, the world got a lot smaller once I became a Lineberry though. I love all of those people you named! It is a special time and tradition. Nice to "meet" you - I can't remember if we have met in person yet or not. Thanks for the message!! :-)

    3. AHH! Love the Lineberry crew! Denise, I loved reading your blog. You are an amazing writer and I have loved reading your journey. I pray for God's healing on your body though! Can't wait to see you at WEC Hampton soon!

  2. Tabitha - What a GREAT idea and a GREAT memory! Wish I had been there to participate! I guess we will have to have a Harper Olympics at the next family vacation and you will have to be the Olympic Director!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, a Harper Olympics is indeed in order, but I think that I nominate you as the Olympic Director---I am passing the torch. We did say that we should have the next Winter Olympics in Kansas! Ha!