Monday, October 8, 2012

Command Center

When we moved into our house a year ago one of my goals was to make a Command Center.  You know, an area where all of our "stuff" goes.  I originally thought that it would be in my laundry room, but I quickly realized that this was not going to work because I would just make piles in the laundry room and leave it.  I really needed something that would be in my face every day so that I would be forced to do something about it.  So, I made my fabulous husband put together something in a very, very small area in between our garage and our kitchen.  I feel like that we have optimized this space and I love every inch of it!   I wanted to show you a few pictures and over the next couple of days, I will walk you through the transformation.  Did I mention that my husband is a rock star for being the brains behind this whole operation?  I love him!

This was phase one of our little project.  It took me a month to get to the little details!
We decided to go with the Rubbermaid track system.  The nice thing about this is that as our needs change, we can easily interchange how we have things set up.  I think the hubs likes this because it looks manly.  Argh, Argh, Argh!

I saw this on my favorite blog and I tucked it away as a must do one day!  I know that hers is better, but I just love that my kids get to come in the house everyday with this as a reminder about themselves...(and I loved the movie, The Help, too!)

This is where we will hang our coats, but for now it holds our Busch Gardens bag!

A before picture of our white boards.

This is an after picture of my white board.

Middle School is quite an adjustment for me and for Brayden.  So, I made a calendar that tells us if he is on "A" or "B" day.  He also serves at church on the "C" schedule and this helps with that too.  Whew, my life is getting very confusing!  Lord, help me.

We have 3 hooks in this area where the kids hang their book bags.  Also, as you can see in this picture we have two inboxes.  One is for mail and one is for...I haven't quit decided yet!

This is the boot tray for the kids to put their shoes in and it fits nicely under their book bags.  

This is my new industrial looking mat.  I love it because I don't have to vacuum it--not my favorite thing in life! 

I wish that I could get a picture of this whole room, but it is such a small space.  So, you have to enjoy it piece by piece.  

One last picture.  Ahh!  I just love this space.  Now do you agree with me?  My husband is a rock star!


  1. Love it Tab! I have missed your blogs :-( glad your back!