Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 Minute Fall Centerpiece

This year, I came up with a really easy fall centerpiece for my table that literally took me five minutes to make and I didn't spend a penny!  I know, even better right?!

So here is how I made this:

1.  I took my three crates that I purchased from AC Moore and hooked them together using floral wire.  
***side note-these come unfinished so you can paint them any color you would like...of course I spray painted mine!!

2.  I used Christmas garland (You can used Christmas garland in the fall too!!! It can give any centerpiece a rustic feel) and spread it across the three crates.  I pretty much just plopped it inside because as you add things you can change the shape.  

3.  I added some fall garland, weaving it from one side to the other.

4.  I added pinecones alternating sides as well and stuffed some of them down the sides so that you could see it at different openings.

5.  Weave burlap ribbon throughout to fill in all of the holes.  I didn't leave my burlap ribbon in one piece, though.  I cut shorter pieces so that I could put it wherever it was needed and scrunched the burlap to add fullness. 

6.  Lastly, I had a couple of pumpkins that I threw on the top.  

So there you have it.  A five minute centerpiece.  Easy Peasy as my 8 year old says!

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