Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy Sunglasses

I can't stop wearing these crazy glasses.  Not just any glasses, but spiritual glasses.  As believers, we should all see things through a different lens.  Our perspective should be different than that of the rest of the world.  When I see people at Walmart, my heart aches for those all around me to follow Jesus.  When I see people at a baseball game, my heart aches for those all around me to follow Jesus.  When I see people at a public event in our area, my heart aches for those all around me to follow Jesus.  For some reason, I can't shake these glasses.  My heart always aches for people around me to know, love and follow Jesus.  I think that far too many believers take their glasses on and off.  Let me give you two quick examples:

*When they look for a church, they look for their own interest (I need a deeeep bible study, I need programs for me and my kids) and not the interest of those in their lives that are far and distant from God.  When I see a church through my spiritual glasses, I want a church that I can invite someone to, a church that can not only change their lives but also continually challenges and changes my own.  

*When they sign their child up for a sport or activity, they do so for their child to one day "make it big" or to enhance their team work or to be the best at something.  When I sign my kids up for things I have to have on my spiritual glasses, I have to remember that God has gifted my children so that our family can have influence and share God's love.  When you have your spiritual glasses on, you realize that it is not about winning or loosing or what team your child is on, but it is about the opportunities that God gives us in the lives of those around us.  

As believers, we must have our spiritual glasses on in EVERYTHING that we do.  We can't take them off when it is convenient or when we want a little "me" time.  When you wear these crazy glasses, it changes your perspective on everything in your life and all of the choices that you make.  It makes work not just work anymore, sports not just sports anymore, church not just church anymore, finances not just finances anymore because your heart aches for ALL of those around you to know, love and follow Jesus!

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