Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing Lake Gaston

I thought that I might take a few minutes while on vacation to share with you some of our adventures on vacation.  We have been staying at my parents house at Lake Gaston.  When I was little my parents bought land here and eventually built a house here. Their goal was to retire here, but since I don't like for my parents to live more than 15 minutes away I have convinced them to just visit here and live near me!  Here are a few pics of one of my favorite places in all the world.  It is so just swim and eat, swim and eat, swim and eat.  Enjoy the slideshow!

Here is their house.  My dad built it himself!

This is where we spend 90% of our time!
Our view from the house.  AHH!

This was our green tube that all three kids could ride.
We spent the first 2 days chasing holes in it until we broke down and bought a new tube.  

We tried out this tube, but it wasn't adventurous enough for the Hodges crew.  

Can you say UPGRADE?  Those kids love to fly on that thing
We went out to lunch at The Pointe, a restaurant right on the water.

The kids enjoyed the hammock at The Pointe.

This is the age old tradition of feeding the fish.  You can't really see that well, but there are hundreds of catfish and huge carp that hang out at this dock.
They were here even when I was a kid! They reach their huge mouths out of the water to be fed.

This was our first trip to Goat Island.  For some reason there are 3 goats that live on this island.  You can go and pet them and feed them.  The kids loved it!

My dad jumped in the water and forgot that his wallet was inside his pocket.
He had a lot of drying to do!

Every year since I was a kid we go to Outdoor World and play Putt Putt.
It cost us $1 per person and we usually get ice cream!
The kids always fish at the dock and catch little fish, but this year Brayden caught his first catfish!
I just had to add some random pictures in here too!  Prepare yourselves for some cuteness!

Oh Yes!  Here is my handsome husband!  If I knew how to whistle online, I would!

I feel so blessed that my parents stepped out in faith many years ago and bought this place.  Now, my family has the privilege of staying here with them.  We love every minute of it.  I have so many memories as a kid growing up here and now my own children are building memories too.  Wow!  So blessed!

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