Thursday, June 21, 2012

Outdoor redo

I have been a spray painting machine.  Stuart and I are trying really hard not to spend a lot of money right now and I have been craving a little outdoor transformation.  ***OUTDOOR DECORATING TIP--always look around and see what can be spray painted, you can repurpose and refresh just about anything for cheap!!

I created 2 looks outside.  We have a white furniture area around the pool and a brown furniture area around the fireplace.  I love our outdoor space.  It is one of the reasons we fell in love with our house.  But in order to fill up such a large space, we inherited a plethora of outdoor furniture that needed to be tied together.  Take a look:

This is what started the whole process.
I wanted to paint this icky bench to match the white chairs that mom and dad gave us.

Here is the finished product!  Didn't it turn out beautiful?
 I bought the pillows from Bed Bath & Beyond for $10 each (and I had a coupon!).  Aren't they perfect?  I wanted something bright and fun.  I bought this white lantern from Target for $10 also with a small yellow tea light holder inside for $3.00.  I took this old, old table and spray painted the bottom white and painted the top yellow for a bit of pop!

My parents gave us these white chairs and torches when we moved into the house.  They bought us these white tables for Christmas.  I decided to embrace the teal chair covers.  With the bright colors they look fresh and modern and not so 80's as I thought they would look.  I spray painted the torches yellow for some pop!  Love it!

I just like this angle.  hehe!

Here is an overview look at the whole area.  Btw, I also spray painted the chaise lounge chair white too.  It tied in the whole area.  Ahh!  Fabulous!

I spray painted our pots.  They were off white and old looking.  I love them, but Stuart is still not sold on them yet...too late.

This is the new umbrella that Stuart got for Father's Day.  It is a cool is that?  I got it from Garden Ridge for $50--deal/steal!  We bought this table off of Craigslist because our old table was...14 years old and last fall the wind blew it over and the glass shattered everywhere.  So, my deal shopper husband found this for pennies off of Craigslist.

This is our fireplace.  But, check out those chair covers my mom & dad bought me for Christmas.  Aren't they beautiful?

This is our view from the top of our deck.  I also spray painted those torches in the back there to match the rest of our furniture.  I spray painted all of the furniture last year and happened to have some leftover.  

I think that all in all, I was able to pull off this transformation for $60!  

Ahhh!  Time to relax and take a swim!

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