Thursday, October 31, 2013

What I Love About My Pastor

Today is the last day of Pastor Appreciation Month and I wanted to share with you 10 things that you might not know about Pastor Stu Hodges.   So here it is, 10 reasons that I love my pastor, husband and baby daddy:

1.  He is a good daddy. I could give you many reasons, but I will give you my favorite reason. He is always the first one awake to fix breakfast for our kiddos. He does this for a few reasons:  a) To honor me because I like to sleep in. b) When he was a student pastor, one of our students told us about how her dad ate breakfast with her every day. Stu told me then that he wanted to give that memory to his children too.

2.  He is always the first to say sorry.  Stu Hodges has taught me how to have a "heated discussion". He is always willing to say that he is sorry first and accept what he has done wrong in any situation. 

3.  He is really good at yard work and landscaping.  In every house that we have ever lived in, he has always made our yard look amazing.  A place where we can relax and enjoy it with our family and friends.  He typically spends his entire day off working in the yard.  

4.  He loves looking at/buying/selling houses (on the peninsula). In our 16 years of marriage we have moved 6 times.  Now that might not seem like a lot, but I lived in the same house from the time that I was born until the day that I married Stu.  So, 6 times is a lot for me. It is sort of his hobby. Many evenings you will find him looking at houses for sale in this area. He has promised me to stay put for awhile, but I am well aware that if the perfect, inexpensive waterfront property comes available I can go ahead and start packing.  

5.  He is frugal when is comes to spending money on himself and a giver when it comes to spending money on others. Stu has taught me to be a giver to others rather than myself.  Whether it be giving to the church or to someone in need, he is incredibly sensitive to the spirit. He will text me sometimes and ask if he can give money to someone and yet he will not spend more than $12 on a shirt. I love that about him!  

6.  Saturday evenings are sacred. Typically on a Saturday afternoon around 4:00 I mentally lose Stu Hodges. Mentally he is beginning to feel the spiritual burden of what Sunday entails. At 7:30 EVERY Saturday night he goes into his office to make sure he is spiritually ready to bring God's Word. There are NO exceptions to this.  We don't hang out with friends, we don't have date night, we don't do weddings or anything. I so admire his discipline and how he has prioritized the importance of Sundays so much so that he is willing to give up his Saturday nights to prayer and preparation. I love how seriously he takes preaching God's Word.

7.  That man doesn't sit still.  People often ask me, "Does he move that much at home?"  My answer, "Why, yes he does." He gives life 100%. He might sit still for 5 minutes at home, but 5 minutes is all I get! He is the hardest worker I know.

8.  Stu Hodges is the real deal. If you ask anyone that knows Stu they would tell you that he is the real deal. He is not one way at church and one way at home or work. I love that I get to worship and receive God's Word with the same man that I am married to.

9.  He protects. I always feel safe and protected because I know that "Stu's got this." He protects our church and its vision all the time. He has to say "no" to some very good ideas or people so that he can protect Waters Edge.  He protects our marriage.  He is never alone with another female and is willing to give me access to all text messages and emails (even though I completely trust him). He protects me from hurtful things that people say about him. He protects his kids by having a say in every aspect of our parenting. He protects his staff. He always has their back and believes in them. I have always felt safe because of his leadership in every aspect of my life. 

10. He loves God. I had a funny conversation with Taylor (our youngest) the other day.  She said, "I don't care that my daddy is famous."  I giggled and said, "honey, your daddy isn't famous." She said, "I know, all that matters is that he loves God and he does love God very much." You see, she sees him not only preach God's Word, but live out his faith on a daily basis.  She sees him read his Bible in the morning, she sees the way he responds to situations, she sees his compassion and she sees the way he leads his family. My little 8 year old showed me the greatest thing about my pastor, husband and baby daddy...he loves God.

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