Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea Party

We had a tea party recently. My mom and I have been dying to have a tea party for years. Finally, my girls wanted one! I just wanted to show you some of the highlights of the party. My mom decorated the tables. They were beautiful. We had a "photo booth" for the girls to be able to take garden like photos. The girls had to dress fancy and have fancy hair. How fun is that! They also decorated picture frames. We will print out the photos and send them to the girls to put in their frames. What a day.

The tables were decorated with beautiful turquoise and purple fabric. My mom made the centerpieces that you see. I always love to use my little butterfly napkins when I can. We layered the table with small plates and tea cups!

We used real silver to serve the kids sweet tea and apple juice. We had yogurt with fruit on the side. I bought these little white plates that are divided down the middle from World Market. They worked perfectly for the yogurt and fruit. The pink and purple candies are peanut butter candies. My mom made them and I will let her post soon on how to make these! Lastly, that little flower is dessert! My mom made these...aren't they absolutely adorable? It is a layered dessert...cookies on the bottom, ice cream, whipped icing and then the beautiful flower is made of peeps that are cut up! Awesome, aren't they? I will have her post a step by step process soon!
The girls made a craft. They made picture frames for one of the pictures that I am going to print out for them. I covered the table with wrapping paper. It turned out really cute and made clean up really easy! The girls used pom poms, buttons, ribbon, and jewels to make some amazing picture frames that I bought from Michaels.

We ended the party with a photo booth. I borrowed an arch for the girls and decorated it with flowers from the dollar store. I took fabric and hung it up as a backdrop. We provided some fun props for the girls and they loved it.
Isn't this last picture adorable....gotta love American Girl Dolls!


  1. It was great fun to help with this party. I'll sent some directions soon!

  2. Delightful! So pleased you are sharing some of your creative talent in a blog. Mim Shepherd