Monday, March 12, 2012

Arty Party

Emma had a slumber party with her friends from school. Wow! Nine year old girls are loud! We decided to do an art party. It was supposed to be pretty simple, but I had to add alittle extra spice. With the help of the lovely world wide web the problem these days isn't trying to come up with ideas for a party but rather it is having too many options. I tried to narrow them down to a few key special things. I will take some time in future blogs to show you how I did some of these things. Take a look:

To go with the theme, we crafted our own cakes. We made cakes in a jar. They actually turned out quite beautiful. The girls loved it and I think that because they made it, they enjoyed it even more!
I asked a friend in my Community Group to help with the party as well. Her name is Holly Conjolly--not really, but that is what my kids call her. Her name is Holly Conradi and she did an amazing job. I told her she should go into business! The kids each had a canvas and she taught them to paint a Monet-ish type painting. They all turned out so beautiful in their own way!
This is Holly with her teacher voice on!

This was Taylor hanging with the big girls(these are fake glasses by the way)!

How gorgeous are these! They are absolutely amazing. I love, love, love the color!

Here is the first of two balloon arches that I made.

Here are the paint palette placemats (say that 3 times fast!). They turned out really cute and they made a great impact on the white tablecloth. This one is alittle jagged because Taylor helped me cut them out when she was home "sick" (yeah right), but I think she did a fabulous job!

Here is the table all together. I just have random yards of colored fabric in my garage. They can be used for so many things! Here, I stuffed the fabric in a vase and spread out the fabric. It turned out really cute...and cheap!
I bought this clear palette as part of the centerpiece for this table at AC Moore for $5. The next morning, I had Emma's friends sign the palette as a memory.

Here is the other balloon arch that I made. I hung the streamers behind them and they turned out great. I really wanted to try a different look that I found online, but I just couldn't put it together in time.

One of my last minute finds were these oversized crayon banks at the Dollar Tree. They added such a statement to this food table. I wish I would have seen these earlier because I would have been much more strategic in their placement. I also now have 2 picture frames to use as decoration at any party and they always make for great pictures when people pose with them.

These super sweet girls woke up at 5:00 in the morning! So, we practically had another party when they woke up. We did a marble craft and a bubble craft. I was so excited when I found these crafts online and I just had to try them. I will definitely show you how to make these soon! Then the girls did a scavenger hunt and soon after they all went home. Whew. I need a nap just retelling this party!


  1. Clever ideas with the Tabitha Touch.
    Love it! Mim

  2. I look so teacher-y! I had a great time and the girls did an awesome job! 5AM?? I am glad I did not spend the night! Ha!