Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bringin it Back Old School

When my little Emma turned 4 we had a little mermaid birthday party. It was so much fun. I thought that I might take you back to 2007 and show you some pictures from that party.

We have a tradition that my mom makes the birthday cakes. This one was was one of my favorites (we say that almost every time!)
I did hang a net as the back drop and I used a variety of different blue colored fabrics.

I layered the food on the table. Some high and some low.
It looked like an underwater buffet!

We also played pin the tale on the mermaid!

We also made a little photo opportunity. My mom drew out Ariel and Tritan. It turned out super cute. We just held it up while the kiddos posed for the pictures.

I love this picture. I love the look on Emma's face, but I really love Brayden standing behind her. He is ALWAYS so supportive of his sisters. I love that about him.

One last set of pictures. I just couldn't resist.
This was 5 years ago.
My babies have grown up so much!


  1. Wow! I had forgotten about this one. It was fun!

  2. I had forgotten too but apparently we were there. Those were the days when Anna, Emma and Brayden were inseparable.