Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Recap

Today was a day of baseball and church. I love days like today. I love watching my son play baseball. I love his coaches, his team and the parents. Everyone has such a good attitude, which makes it so much fun! The 11U Renegades played 2 games and they won both of them. That now makes them 4-0. Go Renegades!

As much as I love going to watch baseball, I love going to my church more! Stuart tweeted on Saturday, "I am ready to preach right NOW! I am FIRED UP and ready for CHURCH!". He wasn't lying. He really brought it. I just love how he preaches about money. It is never based on the churches need or anything like that, but it is based on how giving can change your relationship with God and in turn impact others through the church. So true, right?

Yesterday Stu repeated this quote, "God has built greatness into you so that he might use you to build something great!" I know that Stuart and I will be praying this week about how much God would have us to give to the UNSTOPPABLE campaign. I am so grateful that God has built something great in me and I can't wait to see how He is going to use me to build something great. POWERFUL!

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