Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patty's Day

I know, I know, it is over. But, I wanted to show you some of the things that I did on Saturday to help make the day special. Am I super big on celebrating St. Patty's Day? Not really, but I am super big on making memories with my kids!

We started out by creating our centerpiece the day before. I bought some white carnations at Kroger for $4.00. I had the girls add green food coloring to the water in my flower vase. I cut the stems at an angle so that the flowers would want to drink up the water. Over time, as the flowers drink the green colored water, the flowers turn green! So beautiful!

Here is the table. I inherited the hat from the preschool that I work at. I found the cups at the Dollar Tree and the napkins were left over from the year before. Sweet! A cheap table setting!

We had a green breakfast, too! Green eggs (Stuart had to close his eyes while he ate these!), green pancakes, grapes, green apples, and kiwi. The kiddos loved this festive breakfast.

I found this really cool website that had all of these free printables. I decided to use the mustache printable for some really cute pictures. How cute are these little Leprechauns?

Lastly, we had the best treasure hunt!

First, I bought some chocolate golden coins. I wrote on each of them an amount...$1, $0.25, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01. I pulled actual money that matched these amounts. Then I hid each of these coins around the house.

Secondly, I used the free printables from this website. I printed and cut out 2 copies of the party circles. On the back of each of them I wrote a number and a phrase like "pick 2 or pick 3" depending on the item in the bag. Those numbers coordinated with numbers on white lunch bags. Inside of each bag I had different items:
#1 had green gum
#2 had green certs
#3 had green pencils
#4 had scratchers
#5 had green andes mints
#6 had small reese peanut butter cups (gold to represent gold)

I hid all of the circles around the house as well.

The only rules that we had were:
1. When you find either a gold coin or a shamrock party circle, you must come claim your prize. You can only find one item at a time.
2. Each child could only collect a certain number of coins and party circles.
3. No complaining about the prize that you got! Ha. That rule actually worked!

I know that this is kind of a weird picture, but Emma painted my toenails for the special occasion! She decided that she wanted to paint a pot of gold (my big toe) and a rainbow (my other toes). I think that she did a fabulous job and super creative!

Isn't it fun making memories!

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