Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Recap

Yesterday, Waters Edge Church was amazing. First of all, I had the priveledge of subbing in for our wonderful Preschoolers and Kids Manager, Carlyn Menser while she was on vacation. It definitely gave me a greater appreciation of all the work that goes into a Sunday morning. Our WEC staff members work so hard and WEC is so blessed to have the greatest church staff on the planet!! I also have to give a shout out to the most amazing volunteers. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can't believe that I get to be apart of such an amazing movement of God alongside such amazing people. Beyond blessed!

We continued with the series UNSTOPPABLE yesterday as well. It was so good, I wrote so many notes that my hand was dog tired after the service! I thought that this week I would give you the highlights from our study of 2 Kings 4:1-8:

*It all begins with bringing it to God.
*We get focused on our pain and we miss the purpose it has in our lives.
*This is the opportunity God has given us to seek Him more diligently.
*God always starts with "what you got!"
*Sometimes it is the exceptions that keep you from the blessing.
*We need a catalyst that propels us to shut the greed, selfishness, etc.
*The dollar amount is not what matters. Go home, shut the door, and experience God in a way you never have before.
*The win is that we go home and seek God! ---I love this!!
*God, what do I have that I haven't given to you?
*Faith is followed by action.
*Prepare your jars for the blessing of God.
*We'll give so that they can live!
*Stop stopping up the presence and blessing of God.

I'll tell you, there is a lot to think about here! This week, I am going to ask God, what do I have that I haven't given to you? Not only do I plan on seeking God for this answer, but I plan on asking those that I trust to help speak truth into my life. I know that it may not be what I want to hear, but I definitely don't want to "stop up' the presence and blessing of God in my life! How about you? What do you have, that you haven't given to Him?

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