Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peep Show!

Are you ready for a peep show? Well, my mom made these for Emma's birthday party a couple of weeks ago and they have become quite the hit! So, I thought that I would ask her to demonstrate how to make these adorable Flower Peep Cupcakes. Please note, these are not difficult. Anyone can make them, I promise! So here goes:

***What you will need:

-a couple of Peeps (any color)

-a cupcake

-a knife

-clean scissors

-sprinkles for the center

Start by smoothing out your icing. Make sure to get it all around the edges.

Pick up a peep. Cut the Peep's ear in half. This will help you determine the size of the petal but, you CAN use chicks and other shapes as well.

Cut the two sections of the first ear.

Hold these two pieces by the sugar side. Otherwise, your fingers will get very sticky! I know this from experience! The marshmallow will curl up a little bit on the sides. You have made your first petal.

Cut the rest of your Peep in wedges that are about the same size as the ear cuts.

There is a natural curl that appears from making the cut with scissors.

Only cut a few petals at a time. Otherwise, it will get very messy!

Begin placing petals around the outside edge. Place the "fatter" edge on the cupcake, leaving the more pointed side to the outside.

Begin a second row. The petals are placed inbetween the petals of the first row.
They sit up a bit.

Continue with a third row. These petals almost stand up straight.

Finish by putting sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc. in the center.


Emma doesn't care for cake. I put a crumbled cookie in the bottom of a cup and filled the rest with ice cream. I used fluffy icing on top and made sure it was all VERY frozen before I began to do the flower. Then, we left them in the freezer until time to serve. They were yummy and for kids that didn't like marshmallows, we just scraped off the flower before eating.


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